Songwriter / Producer

Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words, It speaks in emotions

Music Video

By Treija

As well as music production, treija also has skills and experience in film/video production visual fx, and motion graphics; creating promotional music video clips, VoxPop interviews and edgy some viral content through his media production company  Latvian Spice Productions. Check out some of the music videos of songs written directed and produced by treija.

Cute 'n Acoustic

Talanted X-Factor artist Soheila, performing an acoustic rendition of the song ‘Could Be’, written and produced by Treija.

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In The Recording Studio

..With a bit of spare studio time to kill, we just put on this Evanescence classic, and kept the tape rolling as Soheila rocked it in one take. Just for fun!

six things that happen when you meet me

A Big Smile

Warm genuine smiles all round come from being in the presence of equally like-minded creative individuals.

Serious Working Ethic

Yes, i play hard and have fun, but ultimately i'm seriously invested in time and money in order to get the absolute best work. So should you, too !

Work Fast. Very Fast

Years of creative 'writers' block' moments have taught me to be really 'on it - capturing that creative spark quickly and easily.

Honesty is the best policy

Industry is full of 'flakes'. But us creatives have an in-built bullshit meter - that tells them when something's not working. If an idea is crap, just say so. Why polish a turd?

Building Strength

Brainstorming adipiscing elit. Ut elit nec ullamcorper tis.

Ultra Positive Vibes

As David Guetta and Will.I.Am said when writing 'I Got A Feeling' - Have Fun Doing it ! - Work isn't work if you're having fun doing what you love.