Playground for creative people.

That's what lyrics are to me. Playing with rhymes, switching up time and meter (Iambic Pentameter), Using onomatopoeia, layering rhymes within rhymes, Here's some excerpts from a few songs i wrote. Check 'em out.

Need to check my sanity, coz friend’s think I’m all weird

But if i call and we date, it’,s okay coz then it’ll stop acting weird !

And I don’t care, i don’t care, i don’t care what the crazy’s like…

here’s ma digits anyway

Dial zero, dial nine, dial three, just call me any night or day


Pah, Pow, Could… Be

(Sonic) Boom! Wow! This Could be

Dorky acting, Crazy how i’m still persisting

Wishing all the…. things, that, could  be,