My journey in MUSIC

Who is Treija?

TREIJA* is a songwriter, artist and record producer from London. A songwriter primarily focused on creating hooks, top-line melodies and lyrics for the Top 40 commercial Pop, rock, EDM and Urban/R&B genres – working with publishers and writers from UK/USA Sweden to the K-Pop/J-Pop scene.

Eat. Sleep. Repeat

Previously signed to major indie label Beggars’ Banquet with the Hot Chip-esque Neo-Punk indie band called ‘Myka-Shyne’. Treija* often collaborates with other artists and songwriters – more recently with a PeerMusic writer who’s worked on Spice Girls, Mel C’s ‘Beautiful Intentions’ as well as tracks for Brighton based Rizzle Kicks, a few K-Pop/J-Pop girl bands for SM Entertainment, a number of mix projects for One Direction and Little Boots on Sony//ATV and writing/producing a few projects for a number of X-Factor contestants (UK), Eurovision Song Contest, and The Voice, Netherlands.


Songwriting & Production Process

It's all about recognising the power of collaborative songwriting to compound a 'good' song into a song, and to smash out that killer track way into the stratosphere!

When two or more creative minds come together with different styles and ideas - brain-storming and trying out things in the studio until you come up with an absolute killer tune, it's absolutely the

So If you're a lyricist, producer/beatmaker, singer or musician, Treija would certainly like to hear your ideas, and also play you some which we could work on together 🙂 Feel free to get in contact.

A&R Record / Publishing Industry Experience.

A&R Record / Publishing Industry Experience. Treija initially worked in PR for for Universal Music (Mercury Records), before taking up a position in A&R at a dance imprint label at SonyMusic (BMG Northwestside).

More A&R experience at talent management agencies. Moving into publishing, working Warner Chappell, overseeing UMG/Terra Firma catalogue divestment, before moving onto PRS for a year, then working in neighbouring rights for PPL.

Experience in Record Production, Mixing & Audio Engineering

Treija believes a song is naturally beautiful in it's simplest form - with just a voice, acoustic guitar or piano. But in today's modern world of high quality competitive demo submissions, the ad with years of experience listening to A&R demo tapes, troika understands the importance of near-finished quality demos and masters.

With courses undertaken at SAE Institute London and Abbey Road Studios, treija has an advanced skillset of audio editing, mixing, mastering as well as the technical elements of Dynamics/EQs/compression. Experienced in Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Drum Mic positioning/recording working with both studio soft synths and emulator plug-ins to dedicated outboard professional audio hardware.

Music Theory / Musicianship

treija* is a classically trained musician. His primary instrument is the Piano, although He also plays guitar, drums and is a singer.

His training in composition and arrangement has led to him writing, scoring and producing musical soundtracks for a few independent films, as well as a body of work with various stock/library production companies such as Pond 5, Gettys, Audiojungle, and more.

Video Graphics, Photography and Web Design

Treija is an all-round creative individual with the ability to create engaging content (music videos, website templates, HD time-lapse photography, video motion graphics) across all mediums - both PC & Mac. With advanced skills in C++, Javascript, PHP/HTML5, WordPress, Also highly proficient in web design/graphic design software 3D Studio Max, Maya 3D, Blender, Adobe CC, Photoshop, After Effects / Element 3D, Lightroom and much, much more.
Treija is also a keen photographer; creating and selling professional content for the microstock world under the moniker 'Inoxide'. Treija has high-grade equipment in his video-making arsenal such as RED Epic and Canon 1DX MK II cameras, Industrial cinema jibs/cranes, dolly sliders and often travels the world shooting content with aerial drones. photography.

''Music is my passion. I eat, sleep and think about music 24/7. I'm always coming up with crazy ideas, humming melodies, conjuring up catchy hooks. If you're equally likeminded and PASSIONATE about creating songs, in any genre, feel free to drop me a line. Peace x
songwriter • artist • record producer

If you’re a record label, music publisher, talent management agency or fellow songwriter/artist looking for high impact, competitive demo tracks, with a modern edgy sound, feel free to get in contact. Here’s some of skills and attributes: